Ipsy April 2021

Hello, We are closing out this month per usual with my Ipsy review. I really panicked with this one. Because it came super late meaning I literally just got this one last Saturday. So I feel like I had to rush to test everything. I think it was late cause I got an add-on but […]

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House of Leaves

Oh Hi There, This book is a fucking mess. The only reason I read it was cause it kept popping up everywhere, on my Facebook in several book club groups I’m in. Also on Instagram and Twitter. This motherfucker even haunted me in my dreams. So I took that as a sign and ordered it […]

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Skincare Sunday 4/25/21

Hello, I missed last week since I didn’t really have a chance to do anything and I was exhausted. I did this week and went a little crazy with it. Mainly cause my Ipsy back came later so I’m trying to test it. Also, I just got a Fenty Skin Start Kit to try so […]

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PMD Beauty Cleanser Brush

Hello, I am finally getting around to reviewing this cleaning brush that I have been using for months. I got this one as an Ipsy add-on. Which if you have never done that before Ipsy offers a bunch of different priced add ons every month that you can select and they will be added to […]

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