Ipsy Feb 2021

Hello, I got my Ipsy bag on time this go around. It’s a love filled bag so let’s jump into it. This Month’s theme is Send Love, since it’s the month of love.

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Skincare Sunday 2/28/21

Hello, I have had this post in my drafts since Sunday Afternoon but I just never finished it. I was tired and then got sick when my Gastristis flared up so I have been unmotivated since then. I was up super early on Sunday since I had to be somewhere. I was out of commission […]

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Skincare Sunday 2/21/2021

Hello, I know I have been MIA recently. My head just hasn’t been in it. I was dizzy on and off most of last week. It got better but this weekend I spent it laying in bed. I needed the rest and to not have to worry about anyone but myself. It’s been nice but […]

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Life is dizzy

Oh Hey, I just wanted to make a quick post to say I am ok. I have been working and my allergies have been murdering me. That being said I have been Dizzy on and off so I’m trying to get past that. I have a bunch of posts I have been working on so […]

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Skincare Sunday 1/31/2021

Hiya, I am back with a late Skincare Sunday. I didn’t do one last week since it was my only day off and I was just drained. Today I actually got in some cardio, a workout, and stuff done. My skin has been super fucking dry today. Especially around my T-zone and my eyes to […]

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Ipsy Jan 2021

Hello, I still only have one subscription going right now. This one actually got here super late. I just got it at the beginning of last week usually I get it quicker. However, the Postal Service is more delayed than I am these days so it’s ok. Anyway, let’s jump into this review.

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Introducing Sporadic Bullshit

Hiya! So I thought about a lot of things. I really wanted to some this blog up. I came to the conclusion that it’s all over the place, much like I am. Hence why I used the Sporadic name on everything. My mind and life are all over the place. I’m a big ball of […]

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