Let it Glow  by Too Faced

This was a Christmas gift from My Wife. This was one of the first highlighters I got to really experiment with.  It’s not so overpowering that if you overdo it that it will completely ruin your make up that day.

                                                     Love Flush in Color Love Hangover                                                    This blush is just enough on the dark side that  you only need to use one coat. It’s not one that you have to cake on to make it work. I adore the color and think it really works for light or even medium skin tone.


It came with a duo for a  highlighter and bronze. I do love the case I think it really simple but elegant.

1. Candlelight Glow in  color  Rosy Glow


 First off I love the imprint of the Chandelier because I  really adore Chandeliers in general. The shine of this one is really light but you can definitely add a  few more coats if you need something more intense. Also, keep in mind that  this is on my super  pale  skin tone so of  course it’s not gonna be too intense

2. Luminous Bronzer in color Snow Bunny


I’m really pleased with this one. It’s a little darker on my skin tone especially and I like the variety of colors in it. Plus it got just enough sparkle to really pop!


Finally, it comes with this Adorable heart-shaped brush. The  brush itself  is  supppppper  soft and  I love it,

All in  All, I’m very happy and impressed with it.m Especially with this is my first ever glow kit. I’m excited to time a few more. Anyone reading this has some suggestion please comment and let me know!

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