Better Together Review


So I had this for months, This is the  Better Together palette by Too Faced and  Kat Von D. It’s lovely really just the way it’s put together and the colors they used in it.  I’m really pleased with it. Especially as a  big fan of both lines, I was really excited when this was announced.

When I find a makeup line I like I  stick with it.

The Layout of the palette right off is perfect to suit both. Too Faced is very bright and pastel and  Kat is all black everything which suits her  so much.

Here is the  front:



And  the  back which includes a message about the  collaborations


Then Inside has these beautiful Hands written messages (of course it’s a  copy of the original but it works perfectly.)  from Kat and  Jerrod typed up one.


Here are these colors on my super pale arm, some don’t show up due to that.  The colors as all work better with an eyeshadow primer to really get that true color.


The kit also came with  Too Faced  Better than Sex Mascara and  Kat’s  Tattoo Liner. Which I love they are great. Better than Sex makes your lashes look super long and the Liner goes on smooth and dark and it’s easy to smear which I love.


Yes, I smudged them all on my hand just to show you how dark they are.


All in all this Palette is amazing!  I’m very happy with it. Both sides did  a   fantastic  job of  putting it  together. It  really  functions  perfectly  as a  duo  set. plus this  magnetic  heart is  adorable.

Plus the  Volume 1  only  makes me   giddy that  there is more to come  from these  awesome brands.


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