SEPHORA COLLECTION Black Magic Set of 2 Makeup Remover Cloths

SEPHORA COLLECTION Black Magic Set of 2 Makeup Remover Cloths

I  saw them  randomly  while search through some  makeup  removers and  decided to  give them a  try. They   come in a  little  Carrying  Case as  shown  above and  you get actually get  of 2 them. I paid about  $12 for them. Which isn’t bad  since the other one that  have $20 for one,and  $10 for  a small heart one. So  2  for $12 is a  bit of  a  steal.


The  makeup  erasers come  in   2  colors Black and  Purple. You have to  wash them  before you  use them. Which  will  make  you a  little  sad if  you were excited to   try them out.

I  wear a lot of makeup as  you can  see.


I used the  black one  and  removed  part of my face.  You have  wet the  towel in  warm water and  ring out the  excess then  scrub in   circle to  remove the  makeup.  As you  can  see above It’s Pretty  effective only  leaving some  mascara behind. Also that i’m really  sad without makeup.

This is  after. I’m a little happier. Mostly  excited that it  worked. I’ve found  that if you take the  excess mascara  off it works a  little better. Since for what I paid  for it  it  does a  pretty  good job and I’ve  overall  happy about it.

After you are  done with it  you just   rinse it  in  warm  water and   hang it  to  dry .The perks of these is  you only have to  wash them  once a week. I  rotate with mine. After  washing them They  are  still as  soft  as they were when you  pull them out of the package.

Only issue  I have  had with them is that the Purple will kind of hold makeup.  Note sure if that’s cause of the  makeup, mainly  foundation that I wear or just the  color.  The black  doesn’t  do that and  still looks new. The  purple  one is  staid  with  foundation even  after washing, again that  could just  be were I  use it  for a  week then  washed it.

Overall they are  effective and  cheaper than buying  a  bag of  wipes once a  month. I  recommend them.

You can  purchase them  from  Sephora  at the  link  below.

 Black Magic Makeup Remover Clothes

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