May Ipsy Bag Review

I know I know…..ummmmm it’s August. Well, I’ve been busy. I wasn’t going to do this one. Actually had it listed as June for some reason. I haven’t reviewed June’s yet since I got it and  2 days later was on a  plane for a  work trip. I really enjoyed this  bag so I’m going to do it.  June and July’s will follow this week.

Especially since the August one is set to ship out this week.

Anyways, I was very pleased with May’s Glam bag.


First, let’s talk about this bag. It’s was a summer treat theme with various ice creams and it’s clear and sees through to give it that beach bag feel. I think the bag and decision are perfect.  It’s cute and not too super small like some of the bags tend to be.


This is a Shea Butter & Propolis Lip Balm by Hey Honey. I love lip product, so I was excited about this. It’s a little greasy but it does leave your lips soft and moisturizer once you get past that. This is something I wouldn’t personally buy. I’m not really big on the company, but I have only tried an eye cream that I got from a previous  Ipsy bag. It’s good but It’s not something I would purchase either. I’m not really interested in trying anything else from them. Which that’s just based on the 2  products I have tried.  If anyone has a better experience with other products by Hey Honey! I would love to hear about it.


I’m a  big fan of Nail Polish in general. Ipsy always comes through with giving you some amazing polishes. This is the  2nd one I’ve gotten by Adesse from them and It’s a lovely shade of a baby blue. The color will last a  few days however with this polish you have to do it a certain way. You have to put on one coat then wait a little while to do another one or it will not dry fuller. I usually wait like  30 mins when I use it. I haven’t gotten any other than the ipsy ones, but it is a  brand I would like to try more of.


I love these Luxie Brushes. This is the  2nd one I’ve gotten from Ipsy and I am never disappointed. This one is a foundation brush which is something I’ve been looking for. I have been using my hands mostly but this brush does blend everything in nicely for the base coat of foundation I will do before I contour. I will always recommend these brushes until I get a  crappy one. which I don’t  think will happen


Ispy is always putting treStique in their bags. The lip colors are always smooth and the colors are always a good shade. I will keep one in my purse as a fail-safe in case I forget my lipstick at home. They are perfect a with the lip liner look. It really helps to outline then it’s big enough to use as a  fill in. This is a darker shade that I’m really  happy with.


As of  recently I have just  started to  invest in Urban Decay. I have heard nothing but  good things  about the  company. Between my Ipsy and my Sephora play  box, I have gotten some pretty  good samples that I’m pleased with.  This AfterGlow  highlighter is perfect. You only have to use a  little and it  lights  up your entire  face. I’m going to   invest in  a full size of this at  some point.

I was  extremely  happy  with this Glam Bag!

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