May Sephora Play box Review.

Yup here is another one that  was from May….

I  love this  box too. This is why it is  worth the look back at it.

I promise it’s  worth it. I wouldn’t  bother if the  box was a complete bunch of  shit.


May’s Play! by Sephora  box theme was The Rising Stars! My favorite  thing about this subscription box Is that is  comes with this guide on  how to use them. So I thought I would  include it  in  this review.


First things  first lets talk about this bag. This was the  first time they went with a  non draw string bag. They  went with this  clear pouch made of some tough plastic. I adore this bag since it’s  a switch up from  what they  usually do.  I will say that it’s  very similar to this month’s Ispy bag  since it’s  also  see through. Maybe it’s was a  random thing or not. I think I like this  bag more, mainly  cause it’s  bigger. I’m currently storing all my liquid lipsticks in it.


I  have  started the  past  few months trying  Hair Products cause I keep getting them but  never want to  try them. My  hair already in  great condition, so I have just  never really bothered. This Christophe Robin Cleaning Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is amazing. I had honestly  never heard of the  product before so I was  excited to  try it. I take little of it and mixed it  with my shampoo which the paper say to  do. I use John Frida  Go Blonder shampoo, this scrub turned into some what of  a thick paste. I  put it on the top and added some  water and  worked it in. It lathers up big time even with a  little  big of it.  I washed it  out and then  used  my normal conditioner. My hair is  so Soft and I don’t have an dry scalp or any of that. I  try to  use it  about once a  week or  whenever my  scalp is  feeling  super gross. I still have  half a  jar of it. I will be   investing in some more  once I run out.


I love  face  products. I’ve tried a lot of Clay based ones  in recent months. This is Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. I had never heard of them before that I can think  of. I used it for the  2  weeks I was out of town. I  will leave it on while I shampooed my hair since it  says  if you want to  you can.  It  goes on  smooth and washes off the  same way. My face was  soft and actually felt  clean. I have  encounter some face wash that  just leave me  feeling  gross. This  one is  pretty perfect and I will probably  be investing in it. Once I get through all the   random  sample I have  collected over the  past little bit that is.

I also adore a good highlight. I  keep getting treStique products in both  subscription boxes I get. I have come to  love the brand so far. This  highlighter goes on smooth and  is  easy to blend. It  does  kind of  get lost in my  skin tone when I  use it. Which sadly some  highlighters will do. I would  recommend this one for one you can  keep in  your bag  cause it’s small and  if you need a  glow touch up it’s there.


This is a Nude Stix Matte Lipstick. I don’t  think I had  come across anything by the company yet, so I was  excited. It’s a  super dark color especially on my pale skin. Honestly I was  a little  worried  about the  color when I first opened it cause it’s this  weird brown. It’s  actually  quite lovely on and I’m really feeling it. I love lip products to  the  point I’m obsessed. This Lip liner  lipsticks  are  perfect though. Cause you can  outline then fill it  right in perfect. This also  lasts  a  pretty long time. This one I can put on and it’s  still there hours  later.

Again I’m obsessed  with  lip products. I had never actually  heard of Grande Lips before (There was a  theme  with this box) this is  there Hydrating  Lip Plumper. This is the  second  lip plumper I’ve  tried the  first being  Too Faced’s Lip Injection. I prefer this one way more. Too Faced literally  burns when you  put it on. This one doesn’t and it’s  perfect. There is a slight  tingle, but not in  a  bad way. The effect is strudel and  the instruction say to use it  twice a  day for  30 days. I have  notice a  little  bit of a  different. However I would  only  do  it once a  day and  then forget the other one. I will have to  do a  proper trial of it. Regardless I really love the product. I use it  as a  prep for my  lips while i’m doing my makeup. I let it  dry then put my  lipstick on over it.


As always Sephora includes a Fragrance. They rarely  ever disappoint, I think in  total I have gotten one I didn’t like. I love  getting sample like this  cause I can  keep them in  my  purse as a  just in  case you know for girl reasons. This is Replica by Maison Margiela, yet another  company I had not  heard of. This scent is lovely. It’s  just the  right amount of it so  it’s not  overbearing where it is an problem and  you  feel like you need a  shower. I’m really happy with this one.

I’m extremely  happy with May’s box. It had a lot of  brand I hadn’t ever come across and I’m always  excited when I can discover something new.  I love all these products and I will be looking into more of these  brands products. I’m  happy with one I always want to  try them all. Sephora really  nailed it with this  box.

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