June Ipsy Glam Bag





This is the June Glam Bag from Ipsy. The Theme was Volume Up!  I can kind of see how this was the theme, but I feel the products were random. May just be my thinking.


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This bag is simple and cute. It’s actually not that small either.

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Fully Charged Mascara by PUR. I’ve never of the company, at least that I can recall. I love  Mascara and this one is great! It goes on easy and doesn’t clump after 2  coats like some do. I use it as a top coat. I always apply like  3 different mascara to get a  full lash look. This one is good for it.




Whipped Fouette in Pink Cloud by NYX.  I rather like NYX based on the few things I’ve tried from them. I sadly wasn’t too happy with this one, it’s a lip and Cheek color. I really don’t like how it goes on my lips. I took a  picture of it and it blends in so much with my skin you can’t really tell anything, so  I decided not to included it here. It doesn’t really dry and left my lips feeling sticky. I hate it with a  lip color is sticky. I stopped wearing sticky lip gloss forever go and  I’m not really looking into going back. However, as a Cheek Creme, it’s perfect. It’s smooth and blends with ease.  I’m just a little disappointed that it doesn’t work both ways, well for me at least. If anyone else has a  better experience with it I’d love to hear it.




Aqua XL eyeliner in  black by Make up Forever. I  love this  eyeliner. I have gotten it before in a Sephora  box. It  goes on  easy, it’s super  dark and it’s hard as hell to get off once you  put it on. I haven’t had any  real issues with it. I’m a  big fan of the brand and  everything I’ve gotten from them has  been amazing.  It’s  worth having in  your  makeup bag is  you are on the go.  Only  suggest is  where it’s  long  lasting which is  good if you want something that last all  day, but  bad if  you  suck at  eyeliner.





Paper Face masks from BioRepublic. I hadn’t heard of this company which is usually the case any time Ipsy put face masks in a  bag. They always include 2  which  I love.  Some days you just need to relax with a  face mask so these are perfect.  This round it came with an Aloe Rescue and a Green Tea Detox, both left my face soft and moisturized. As with every paper face mask you take it off then massage the remaining gel in. These weren’t stuck or slimy afterward.  I really enjoyed them and would purchase them in the future.





Shimmer Shadow by City Color. I honestly don’t know the color and I don’t care what it is. The eyeshadow is nice, goes on with ease, and you only need one coat for it to be effective which is great. I’m just burned out on this copper color. Ipsy has sent it to me for months. Same color different brand, honestly it makes me hate the brand which isn’t fair to them. Everything I’ve gotten from  City Color has been great so I have not issued with the product. This shadow is perfect if you love the color, however for me I’m over it.

All in all, I was happy with the glam bag except for the little downsides to it. The thing I like about Ipsy is they will include fewer none products sometimes. The only downside is something you get simple colors for  4 months in a row. Thankfully you can do reviews on your bag so they can fix the customization of it. I will say that’s the one good thing about Ipsy over Sephora you just get whatever in the play box and can’t really review it and change it up.

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