July Sephora Play Box

This month’s theme was Beauty Staycation. It’s perfect for the month of July since it’s always a  big month for a  getaway. So If you couldn’t get away you have some tools to  help you at least relax.


First off let’s talk about this bag. It’s adorable!  It’s got this picnic basket blanket feel to it except it’s pink and little more glamorous. Plus the phrase Glamp Out is just amazing! I’m not one for camping but if I could find some Glamping near me I’d be so down for it.


Cooling  Water by Milk Makeup

Let me start off by saying that I adore Milk Makeup. My love started with their mascara and everything I’ve tired since then has been perfect. This is the cooling water which is very appropriately named actually. It’s a  cool gel that you put on your problem areas. I like to use it mainly for my under eyes in the morning to help me wake up. Its actually gives you a nice light chill feeling so it helps. I also will use it on my t-zone and my cheeks before I do my makeup. I’ve almost ran through this tiny sample and  I will be investing in a full size.



Rosarco Milk  Conditioning Spray by Briogeo

This is a brand I’ve not heard of. I’m very impressed with it though. For this one not only did I test it on myself but also my wife. The directions say to use it on clean damp hair, spray it throughout it, and either blow dry or air dry. We both air dried, which I would actually suggest. Neither of us is big on blow drying though. It always make my hair feel dried out, which sounds silly but not in the way of it being dry but being damaged. I’m going try it a couple more time see if it still hold up then looking into the brand a little more.


Atelier Cologne in scent Orange Saguine .

I’ve gotten the one before. I  really like it. I usually don’t like the orange smelling  anything well except actual oranges that are.  This is a lovely scent with some floral undertones.


Bare Mineral Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor in  Swag.

So I’ve heard of  Bare Minerals but never really tired. That being said I was excited to get this both, cause it was a well-known brand I’ve not tried and It’s a  liquid lipstick. This stuff is amazing. It goes on smooth, doesn’t dry out your lips, and is the perfect pink nude. I feel in love with it so much that I  cashed in some of my  VIB  points for a sample box from the brand. Once I get done completely playing with it. I will review it.




Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive by BOSCIA

I LOOOOOVE this  Mask. It’s a  fun little  adventure. First off with the word Pudding in the title of it I thought it would feel like pudding on my  face.  Luckily it doesn’t at  all. When you  first  put it on  it’s  Black and  White. Then when you start spreading it on your  face it turns into this  blue  grey  color. It’s not a heavy mask and only takes a  little  to  cover your entire face.  I left it on for about 30 mins then washed it off in  the  shower. It leaves  your  skin soft and with an actual clean feeling, not a grungy one like some others do.  I’m going  be  buying more  once this giant  sample is out. I’m also gonna be  exploring their other  products.



FullSizeRender - Copy (24)

Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara by IT Cosmetics

I’ve only  come  across this  brand  once before with a finishing powder. An well I love Mascara! So I’m always  thrilled to  try new ones. This one lives up the name Superhero with just  a few coats. It also mixes well with  other  mascaras if you like to  lay it up with multiple ones.  I’m interested to  see what  else they  have to  offer and  if they  are super  names.

This  bag  was  incredible. I love getting not only unknown products but  good ones at that. I’m  excited about seeing  what  else I can  do with them.

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