Yves Saint Laurent Deluxe Sample Set

A few months ago I was able to snag this  Deluxe Sample set free with a $45 order from Sephora. I was excited when I saw it was an option. Sephora always has a promo code for a free set so when you see one that you are dying to try,  you jump on it. Last year I cashed in some points for another mascara by the brand. It was perfect so of course, I wanted to try more by them. What better way than a  free sample set.

Touche Eclat Blur Primer

This stuff is amazing! It’s a clear light cream with glitter in it that goes on so smooth it’s hard to believe.  It’s not heavy and doesn’t leave your face feeling clogged up. When I use it I put a dap on my forehead and on each cheek. When I rub it in it actually covers my entire face. So a little definitely goes a long way with this. I like to use it on days I’m feeling a little ugh to help my face brighten up a little bit more. This is one product I definitely want to keep in my makeup bag.

Buy Touche Eclat Blur Primer  $55

The Shock Mascara

As I’ve already stated a couple of time I’m obsessed with Mascara. This right here is a perfect one to have in your arsenal. The brush on it just perfect enough to get all the lashes with 1 coat. Actually, the name itself really says it all The Stock. Since it really makes your lashes long and luscious after just 2 coats. It’s really a shock how amazing this mascara is. I say that cause it’s better than I anticipated,  also it smells amazing.

Buy The Shocker Mascara $29

FullSizeRender - Copy (15)

Rouge Pur Couture in 52 Rogue Rose

I adore Lipstick. Any kind, any color, or any brand I will try it at least once.  I was excited about this one. I know I know I say that about everything, well it’s cause I am. I’ve always wanted to try a designer lipstick. This was the perfect first for me. The color is this neon pink with a  touch of orange. At first glance it does look more  orangery than it  actually is, so I was a little worried. There was really no  reason to  be  it’s the perfect  shade of pink and  actually  doesn’t  look terrible  with my  pale complexion. Plus it’s  a silky moisturizing lipstick and  doesn’t  leave  your lips with that  dried out feel.

FullSizeRender - Copy (13)

Buy Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick  $37

I really  lucked out with this set and I’m  grateful I was  about to snatch it  up while  it was available. All of it  is so perfect and  on point  that it’s incredible.  I am  definitely going to be  investing  in more Yves Saint Laurent in the  future.


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