Urban Decay’s Jean-Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette

Earlier this Year Urban Decay did a  collection of makeup inspired by Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  If you don’t know who that  is by all means  check the  link below. I will  wait.

Jean-Michel Basquiat Website.

Moving on now…

Fun Fact about me I have a Bachelor’s in  Art.  So anything  related to the  Art world always intrigues me.  Since I also have a love affair with make up. When the  2  worlds collide of course it’s  something I invest in. I was  able to  get my  hands on  half  the  collection. So the  next  couple post will be  my reviews of those.

First  is the Gallery Blush Palette

They  did so  perfectly on the  design of the  box.  They  used  his  signature crown logo with the  paper collage background.

FullSizeRender - Copy (6)

The colors they selected for this palette are perfect.


X-Rated– The  light pink with is honestly a blush every girl should have. I say that cause I feel  like it’s the standard basic first shade. At least it was for me.

Now’s The Time– is a gorgeous glitterly highlighter. One swipe of this on your cheek bone and  you can see it. It’s a little on the intense  side, but so worth. It’s the little pop to  the  palette itself.

Jawbone- It’s a  light brown shade that’s great for  contouring and it’s not  too   dark to  be  overbearing.

Noho– The Darkest of the all. A  lovely purple if you are looking to  something to  really show on your cheek.

FullSizeRender - Copy (5)

As you can see here the  colors  aren’t as  intense on my  skin since i’m so pale. So I’m able to do a lot with the  four. This is  probably my  favorite  blush  right now.

Sadly it’s both  Sold Out on Sephora and Urban Decay’s  sites. However sometimes you can  find them in Sephora stores.

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