UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Tenant Palette

This is one of the 2 eyeshadow palettes that were released with this collection. Sadly this was the only one I was able to get.


The box it comes in and the actual palette itself are identical. Which I love since  I’m going to be taking my boxes and making a collage piece for my office.  I horde makeup boxes.


The design carries over to the side of these so it’s completely covered.


The back gives you a   brief bio of the artist himself. It also features the colors that are included in the palette.


These colors are perfect! They are highly pigmented, long-lasting, and did I mention perfectly.


Studio– The light baby pink.  It’s great for eye highlights.

1960– Hot Pink, it almost matches the X-Rated from the  Gallery Blush  Palette. Hot Pink is my favorite color so I  will use this one every chance I get.

Neo- I would call this color plum. It’s a  darker purple that is great for shading, I like to mix it up with the pink to get a nice pink tone look.

Les– The darkest most beautiful black eye shadow I have yet to come across. I  tend to like to shade with black so this one does it all with little work.

Graffiti- It’s really forest green, super dark. I’ve never really been that into green but this palette changed that for me. This couple is another one I will use to shade and it adds that little pop of green to it.

Exu– Again with a  green. This lime green is perfect for this palette. This is the glitter one of the group and it’s lovely.

Boom- This super bright blue is amazing. I love it so much. I want to use it for everything. sometimes blue eyeshadow looks weird. This one is far from it. I think it’s where the color is so rich that It carries over really well.

Untitled- I really adore dark colors. This one reminds me of the dark sky in  Van Gogh’s starry night. Actually, I  really like using this with yellow. It’s a  cool effect.


I  barely did my swatches so you can see how intense just a little is. Which means they are perfect for light shading or if you want to layer it up.


These are a little more intense when I actually pressed in for the swatches.

I’m serious when I  say this palette is perfect. This was actually my first Urban Decay palette. I’m not at all disappointed. I’m in love, not sure why I have not been getting on the bandwagon with this beauty with an edge thing.

I really admire Urban Decay for putting this palette together so perfectly to compliment both it’s makeup brand but also the legacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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