Here is the 3rd installment  of my  reviews on  the Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat  collections.

They came out  with  3  lipstick. I was only able to get 2 of them.

This first one is  Epigram, which is  a  reddish brown  color.

The  box design and the  actually lipstick  tube  design are a completed picture. Which I love. Cause the  boxes  never  last  forever but the Tubes can  stand the  test of time.


The  box is  more simple  where are the  tube itself  feature a  more complex design. It’s  a   normal  sized  tube. It’s  round  which I think  works  better for the  design so that   you can  see the  complete image without corners.


The  color itself is a little on the  dark  side as you can see on  my skin. I adore it. It goes on smooth and  doesn’t dry out. It really looks lovely on.


The  next  color is  Exhibition. It’s a  pinkish purple combo that comes off a  a  dark neon.

The  box is the  simple  black with little  pieces of the   design on it. The Tubes itself   feature the  full design.


I really love this one. The color is perfect and the  work on the  tube is as  well.  The  black design really   works with the Pink colored lipstick so it  really gives it  that  pop of  color.


This color works a lot better  for  my skin tone.  However I’m a every shade of  pink loving  kind of girl. This one may be  my favorite of the  2 for that  very  reason.


This  lipstick overall  are amazing. They go on perfectly and will  last  a good while. Depending on what you are doing while wearing them.

They  are  sold out online  but  you make be  able to  score one in  a  store or on eBay  actually.  I may  see if I can  get the  other one from there.

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