UDxJean-Michel Basquiat Eyeliners

Here is  the Final Part of  my   review of the  Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat collection.

These were the last piece I was  able to  get. I found these  randomly when I  walked into  a Sephora store in a JC Penny’s in Austin. They  had been sold out for a month and I got these on sale for  $10 a piece. Imagine my  excitement of finally  getting  my hands on them.

The design on all the boxes are  simple and  are just the  color  of the eyeliner it’self.  The  inside of the  boxes have a  little  design  but  not  much. It  works  well  for the  product.


Anatomy is a  beautiful  copper  red. It’s a  little on the  dark  side. I like to  use it neutral tones to add a  little pop.


Post Punk is a bright  neon green. It’s on the  light side. However that may just be  my skin tone. It works really well with  dark colors so that  you are  really  see it.


Vivid is a gorgeous blue. It’s probably  my  favorite. It works with both light and  dark colors since it’s such a  vivid color. The name suits it  very well


As you can see on  my skin  the Blue and Red  work really  well since they  are brighter colors. The  yellow wants to  blend in a little bit more.  All three colors are  amazing. They  glide on smooth and  last  all day.

I think Urban Decay did  amazing  with this  entire  collection. They  got all the  aspects done so  beautiful from  the   art work used to  the quality of the  products.

Like I  said  I  found these randomly in  a store. So you may have luck there. I found mine in  a  random  cup at the Urban Decay display.

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