Pastel Goth Palette Review

This is one of my favorite  palettes!

As I’ve stated  several times I’m obsessed with Kat Von D Beauty and  when I 1st  heard of this  coming out I was so excited I couldn’t stand it.

Reason  being, I’m a  girl would has always chose to wear mostly black. I have the  rogue grey, white or even a couple colored t-shirts.  I prefer  black for the most part. In today’s  culture if you are a  person you loves black  clothing and  darker  colors, you are  automatically labeled a  goth. There is nothing  wrong with that, to each their own. I  do  tend to  lean more toward the  goth/punk/alternative culture. That’s just my  personality though.

As a  person who mostly  wears  black  but  has a strange love of  colors, especially  pastels. This was a  dream palette for me. It would be me if I  was a palette, but only it was glittered. Hopefully Kat  will  make that happen and I would lose it.


The box  design is perfect for the   palette. I love the  dripping  text and the fade effect  with all the  colors.  The box and the Palette it’self are identical. Which I always  love with any  palette I get.

The back of the  box shows you the  colors with the names. The actually  palette is  just  black and  Silver with the  color names in  them. I wish I would have gotten a  picture  before  some of them have  faded. Since it’s one that I will carry in my purse with me it’s faded some of the  text on the  back.


This  was the  1st  swatch I did and  it  didn’t read very well.  I honestly  think it’s my  skin tone. I’m so  pale that  nothing on the light side ever reads like it should. As you can see the  Palette  colors  are intense and bright in the black palette.


 The  one above is my  2nd swatch sets I  tired to lay it on so  you could see the intensity. They  go so  perfectly  and beautiful once you put them on. That is  with out a  primer. However with a primer all  bets are  off, it’s so intense and bright it’s crazy.

Starting from the  top I’m gonna  talk about these colors.

Star– Yellow of  course. When you think of a  Star you will typical  think yellow. I know I do. This color is bright and intense. It works  really  well with other  colors. I like to  use it  with pink and blue.

Clementine– the peachy orange  color. Which typically I’m not a  big  fan of the  color  orange at all. This is a little on the  light  side  so  It’s not a  bright  orange. It’s pretty but  still not for me.  The is actually the  name of  a  type of  orange so it makes sense.

Meow-It’s a  lighter shad of a darker pink.  If that  even makes  sense. I feel like it started off as a darker pinker that they just lightened up. Which is perfect. The name fits it since as well since it’s basically the  color of a kitten’s nose. Well at least my kitten’s.

Dope– A purple that’s a  little on the  violet side. I get  really into purples some times. It’s a good color that always read really well. It’s a pretty  dope color too. I like to mix it with the yellow, blue, and pink.

Doom– Bright baby blue. I like to think of it as doom blue. This may be the brights of all the colors. It’s intense and  goes over  really well in general. This one you can mix with any of the other colors in the palette.

Gloom– Green on the  dark side. It’s  really  a gloomy looking  green. It’s a nice color that works well  when you wear it.

Dagger–  Grey, literally the color of a  dagger. It’s named very well. It use it  for my crease to add a little extra light shading. Cause it’s really not to  dark but it’s not so light that it  doesn’t work.

 Skull–  Super bright White. I think with most palettes they have to  have a  super light color. Since this is a pastel palette white was the  best choice for it. I love white eye shadow in general. I use it  in  the corner of my eye to  brighten up my eyes. As far as  white eye shadow  goes Kat makes the  best, at least  as  far as I’ve encountered.

I really love this  palette. The colors are  amazing  and  are  such a perfect formula that it’s  extremely pleasing.

I  ordered this one off of Kat’s  website since  Sephora  was completely  sold out.  I’ve not  been able to  find them anywhere the past month. This  may be one that is only in  a couple of the  stores. If you come  across one  I definitely  recommend snatching it up.



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