Kat Von D’s Alchemist Palette

When this palette came out I was ecstatic. There was so much hype about it and I had just started getting into highlighters. Plus of who it is by of course.



The box design is simple with the  Holographic design on the front an a little one on the back. The white box I think works better than it would have been a  black box like most of Kat’s other products. Since it was just a special thing I like that she made it just that and different from everything else.


The palette itself sticks to that same theme just with a different twist. It’s stuck with the all-white everything but the entire thing (both front and back) of it has the hologram effect.


I  really  dig this  triangle  shape as well. It suits the  palette so well. I’ve not  seen one that in this  shape (please correct me  if  I’m wrong.) so it makes it  even more  unique.



Lets  talk  about these  4 insanely beautiful colors in this thing. They are in  order of  how they are  above. Remember I’m super  pale so it  will vary on skin tones.

{Green}Emerald– Green with hints of golden  yellow tones

{Ultra-Violet}Amethyst– Rich purple with  blue tones

{Blue}Saphyre– baby blue with a mixture of  purple and  green tones

{Pink}Opal– light  pink  with hints golden tones

I absolutely adore this  palette.  It  is something of  perfection which  I knew it  would be since it took Kat years to perfect.

I will use it for  highlights,  if I need to lighten up a color or as a little  something extra to complete a look.  This  palette is  a must  have for  your makeup collections. Even if  you don’t  care much  just  highlighters. It is  such a  unique palette that it’s  worth it  to  have.  Personally I’m just a  huge fan of all of Kat Von D’s products.

This one is  still  available on Sephora’s website for $32

Buy the Kat Von D’s Alchemist Holographic Palette

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