Polish of the week.


Here is the  1st of one*insert product here* of  the  week.

I loveeeeeeeee Polish!!! It’s one of the favorites beauty  products.

I’ve always been a  girl who  likes to  have her  nails and  toe nails painted. I think it  stems from  my love of old movies. One of  my  favorites is Billy Wilder’s Seven Year Itch.

I adore  Marilyn Monroe! She is  one of my all time favorite. Trust me I know that’s like  a  basic  girl answer. I’m ok with that cause I really do adore her work. I think she  was rather Brilliant.

Anyways  back to  polish. There is a  scene in  the movie where she sleeps in the  bathtub since it’s so hot in New York City that summer. The only issue is the  tub leaks so she  stopped it with her big toe and it gets stuck. She calls a  plummer to come get it out. When recalling the story her character states “there I was with a  perfectly  strange plummer and no polish on my  toes.” The is one of  my  favorite lines and  I use it anytime my toes ain’t  painted.

I discovered  Formula  X  from an Ipsy  bag. I tried it  and loved the  color and  formula  of it. So I started investing in it. Sephora  usually  have them on sale for $2 a piece at least once a  month.  I stock up every time I see them.

This  color  called Obsessed it’s a  super  dark  red.  You will have to  use 2 to  3  coats  to  get complete coverage.

I tend to go  more toward  darker  colors. I think they  look better on my  nails. Also darker shade make your nails appear longer when they  really aren’t. Plus red I feel like is a go to  color  for everyone. It’s a classic color, usually  it’s more of the  bright red. However I think  any shade of red will give you that classy feeling.

I tend to   keep going  back to  this color. It’s  really  just a  gorgeous  shade.

The  formula  for it is tough.  I will  use a  base and  a  top coat. I will also  wait between  coats just to make sure it’s  completely  dry. I think it’s make the  polish  last longer with  minimal chipping.

This is  definitely one of the bests out there right now when it comes to  polish. I have a  stock of them so a lot of these weekly posts will be Formula X. I suggest keeping an eye out for sales on Sephora.com  you can  get all  kinds of  amazing  shades from  different  collections they have. I will  try and  post next  time I see one.







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