silisponge review

I  order a Silisponge from Molly Cosmetics they were on their   9th  round of orders when I  order it was in super high demand.  This was went they first came out.



It is a simple package which is nice and to the point.


The  Silisponge basically looks like a tiny breast implant and is very soft and fits perfectly in your hand.


the one on the left was with the silisponge and the right was a normal beauty blender.









This is after blending them both in with the silisponge.

I adore this silisponge I think it’s perfect. It simple to use you don’t waste all of your foundations or have to replace the beauty blender after a  few weeks cause it’s clogged up.  It’s so much easier to clean. I  use just soap and water for mine. It leaves a better finish. I have used mine to apply it under my eye by dapping it on there like you would with a  blender and it works so much better.

I’m very pleased and highly recommend this product.

I got mine from Molly cosmetics for $9.90 right now. I also know Amazon and have them. I actually got a blue teardrop one from wish and it has the same effect as this one does.

 Buy Molly Cosmetics Silisponge

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