Eggie’s Case Review

I randomly came across these cute little case on Instagram. I looked into and it was actually a legit thing. Sometimes things on Instagram can be really sketchy so I always look into what I see on there if it’s something that catches my eyes.

I will link the website at the bottom of the post so you can check it out.


So I ordered one. I think I  paid like $18 with shipping and everything. It came in this purple bag with the sweet little thank you sticker. I love it when they take the time to add even the little details as a  sticker.



They have there own little bags with the cute Eggies emjoi which as it says is tagged with love.


I ordered the pink one of course. Since it’s my favorite color and it says love me on it. I was sold plus it’s really quite adorable. The case itself has little latches on the side to lock your blender in. I’ve tried this with  Easter eggs since I saw it on Pinterest and they bust open at some point or don’t really fit the blenders in them.


The  case did come with a  blender. It fits in there perfect with a little wiggle room so that it’s not all cramped in there and leaves it deformed.

The blender it’self is a little on the  hard  side but it  is  effective  when you  are using it. The case is perfect. It’s an adorable hard case that perfect to hold your blender, keep it clean and out of the way the rest of your makeup.

They are $14.99 for the  Case Bundle which includes both the case and a blender.

Buy an Eggies Blender Case

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