August’s Play by Sephora!


This month was Make-up Geek so they went with a scientific theme. I actually really dig this one. The booklet that comes with it has a  beauty periodic table, you can see part of it above. I think I’m actually gonna try and find a  frame for mine and hang it up in my office.


This bag is adorable and perfectly fits the theme for this month. Since they went with a  science feel. It was a good call to actually have a little face mixing chemicals on it.


Caviar’s Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist. This is a  brand I’ve never heard of, so I was curious to try it. As with most hair products, you have to spray it on damp or wet hair and comb it through. I usually wash then towel dry my hair and use the products. It this case I let my hair air dry and the next morning there was a  little more volume. There wasn’t so much it was insane but just enough. It’s a nice product, not something I’m really into since my hair is out of control enough as it is. If you are looking for more volume it’s a  good choice.


This a baby beauty blender. It’s really soft and spongy, most blenders are a  little on the hard side. The instruction on this say to wet it and it will get bigger. This one got a  little bigger but not much. This one is perfect to get into the little spaces. I like to use it for under and around my eyes.


I love Glam Glow!!!! I always get it in one of these boxes and they are always perfect! This is a Matte Glow Moisturizer called Volcasmic and it’s lovely.  It’s so light and goes on smooth. It leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy. I think that is just the general effect of Glam Glow’s products actually.  I really do love this and will be investing in some more. Actually, I need to invest in several things they have right now.



Too Faced Mascara Melt-Off. This is an unusual product, which by that I mean it’s something I didn’t think was a thing. It’s kinda genius to have something specific to remove mascara. It has a tiny little plastic brush that you use to apply over your mascara. I had to put on a couple of coats of it. The mascara did come off pretty easily only leaving a little bit behind. Too Faced has been a hit and miss for me so I was a little worried. I’m actually quite pleased with this one. Especially since I wear so much mascara.




I will say it again and forever. I love Kat Von D Beauty.  These are samples of her new perfumes. I have like  3  samples of this.   I got one with the  Sinner and Saint lipstick sets (which I still need to review).

Saint is a light floral scent, not that is very overpowering. It really is a very dreamy scent. So if you want something simple that isn’t too much that you can’t handle it this is it.

Sinner is a heavier scent. It reminds me a lot of Avon’s Nightmagic but with a  bit of a  twist. I  really dig it mainly cause that was the perfume my mom used to wear so It’s really comforting to me.



I have always been a big fan of  Clinique mainly because it was the first fancy make up line that I got to venture into. Actually the  1st one was mascara it was one specifically for the bottom lashes, which I’m honestly not sure they make. It was perfect so they should if they don’t. Anyways this is a High Impact Duo with the primer then the mascara. I have recently started getting into Eyelash primers. Seriously I don’t know if these are a  new thing or I’ve just been sleeping on them. They are amazing! I use to use like 4 different mascara to get full lashes now I just use 2  coats of primers. It makes my lashes super long when topper with 2 coats of mascara. This duo is perfect. If you haven’t tried a primer yet this is definitely a good one to start with.

This box was perfect! I’m really happy with all of the products I received it in. It covers the science of being a makeup geek with some of the important products that you need. Sephora never disappoints me.

Anyone else gets a Play! box? Did you get anything different? I know they have at least 5 varieties of the monthly boxes. So if anyone got one of the others I’d love to hear about it!

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