August Ipsy Glam Bag

This month’s theme was Good Vibes Only which I love. It’s a motto of my life. So I was really excited when I  saw the products and theme for this. Plus I love this girl holding the rose quartz in the picture.  I’m big into crystals as well, so the entire thing was appealing to me.

Also, this month came in this gold bubble bag and not the normal pink one. I’m not really sure if that has ever happened before.


I’m in love with this bag!  This saying on it is one that I use all the time. I’m really big on Good Vibes Only.  I  don’t have time for negativity in my life. There is enough of it going on without needing to add to it.  Plus I love the ombre effect on the bag.

I  really enjoy The  Balm cosmetics. I have a bunch of these little cardboard squares of eyeshadows and blush. This is the  1st  highlighter  I have gotten with them.  It’s really quite gorgeous.


It’s a  really soft glow on my skin so it adds the perfect highlight without having to cake it on. I  really need to check out and see what else they have going on. I  seem to always get random ones. I’ve never gotten anything that I wasn’t happy with.



I just  discovered Glamour Dolls this year since they  are the ones that  are helping  put  out the Lisa Frank line. I have the 2 Lisa Frank  brush from them one is  a blending  brush similar to this and the other is the angle brush that  was actually  featured in the ipsy bag a few months back. This one is  a fluffier and longer brush than the other one I have by them. It’s soft, work perfectly  and  holds product very well. I really adore their  brushes.


All I have ever really tired by Pacifica is their blush and I’ve been very pleased. This one is amazing. It’s a blush duo with a light and dark  shade which is  perfect for contouring. It also has a  mirror on the back of it. I really enjoy any  product that includes a  mirror it’s  just convenient.


This one works  great on my skin tone. The  color on the left is a browish  pink  color  while the one on the  right its a  pinkish red. They  are  both really lovely on. I have been  use them to  contour my cheeks and  top it off with the balm  highlighter  that was also  included in this month  bag. It’s a  stunning  combination


This one  came with a  coupon for Ulta. I have never purchased  anything with them so I thought I would  post it  here  for anyone who  does to  use. I’d hate for it to go to waste. Honestly I feel  like I’m missing out with not shopping with Ulta but I just adore Sephora  so  much.


I’ve never  heard of this  brand before. Sorry this  picture makes it looks  pink it’s  really the  green as  seen below. It’s a  color  corrector which  green is  use to  neutralize redness. I used it  around my  problem  areas where I have redness on my cheeks and  around my nose and  t-zone.


As you can see it’s a nice light  green color that is  actually lighter than my skin. It works  really well.  I haven’t really  gotten into  color  correcting completely. I’ve dabbled in it with a a couple little cheap  kits I got from walmart. I need to explore it more. This one is a  nice  formula that’s not heavy and  does the  job perfectly.

I really  enjoy  paper masks. They are a strange experience that  always creeps me  out in a  good way. These masks were extra weird. They  didn’t  want to  go on my face. It’s like they weren’t  long enough. They  were perfectly  wide enough to  have some extra on  each side of my face. It was awkward, I’m not sure if I just put it on wrong or it  was just the  mask.  It was really uncomfortable to wear it  for the 25  mins I had it on.  I  was  excited to take it off at that point. After you  take off the  mask you massage what’s left into your face. It did leave my face nice and smooth. So the weird uncomfortable  25 mins of it  was  worth it. I don’t think it’s one that I would  buy due to way it goes on. The masks are something you can relax in but if it’s one that is not comfortable to  wear then it  kind of defeats the  purpose. If anyone had a  better experience with it I would love to know.

This month  bag was  a lot better than the  last one was. I was really happy with it in  general. The  products and the  theme went  really well  together. Hopefully Ipsy will  keep that  going from here. However they can be  a hit and miss but so can  anything really.

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