Fresh Deluxe Sample Set

This is a sample  set that I got  from  Sephora a few months back. They  will randomly have sets available as a promo with an order of $25 or  $35.  It’s a nice little  treat especially if you are already spending the money.

Soy Face Cleanser.  This is a simple face cleanser. It’s light and  smells like  what I’m guessing is soy. It smells weird. This one is  not one I’m really  big on. If you have completely  removed  your makeup then it’s  great. However if you have just  removed  your  eye makeup then It will  still leave your  face feeling dirty. I will use it on days I’ve not worn makeup I think it  works  best. It’s a  good  cleanser but I’m not that  big of a  fan of the formula.


Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I really  like this cream. Even though it really  smells  like the  face cleanser.  It’s  strange smell so if you are sensitive to  smells it might not be  for you. This cream is light and goes on perfectly. I put a couple dabs on my face and  rub it in. A little goes a long way, which is always a perk of a  face cream. If it’s something you use everyday you want it to last a while. I  like to  use this after the  polish below and it’s the perfect combo.


Sugar Face Polish. This is a legit scrub. I mean that it actually functions as a  scrub not something claiming to be. I love a good legit  scrub. As someone who wears a lot of makeup I feel like my face is clogged up sometimes or just full of  dry skin. So to have a scrub to  be  able to  use to go in  and clean it all up is amazing. When I put it on I will put some on my forehead and  each cheek and then massage it on the rest of my  face. It left my face looking like I had a bad spray tan. I usually leave it on for about 15 mins. When you wash it off you scrub it in for a few mins then rinse. My face was soft and polished. I loved this one! Plus it smells pretty damn good.

All in  All this is a  nice little  set. It you are looking  for something on the light and organic  side this is  for you.

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