Product of the week! Christophe Robin’s Regeneration Mask

Hello and Happy Friday!

This week’s product is  a  sample I got in  a Sephora order. I tried a product by them in a Play box in May and  fell in love. So when I saw this as one of the free samples  you get  with your Sephora order I  jumped on it.


This is a Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil and it  is  wonderful.

How it  works is that after you  wash  your hair you  take a  little  bit of this  mask and  start at the scalp, massaging it in then work it through your hair. You leave it on a  couple mins,  add water massage it in  again, then rinse completely.

I have used this one  twice from this  sample and I still have able  2  more  uses out of it. Which I have super long hair so for this  tiny little pack to  have  4 uses in it says a lot about the  product itself.

The first  time I used it  I left in on for about  5 mins. It  left my  hair  feeling  clean and  super soft.  Last night when I  used it I left it on for about 30 since my hair and  scalp have just been feeling terrible and dried out lately.  It amplified that feeling I got the  1st time around. Literally I woke my hair  was still a little wet, i  slept with it in a braid due to that, and my hair feels amazing right now! It’s not  tangled  or  messed up, it’s all  long and mermaid  flowy.

I looked up the  mask on  Sephora’s  website.  So I can see the  specifics of it and the thing that  stuck out to me was the  benefits below.

Key benefits:
– Protects and revives pigments in color-treated and natural hair
– Smooths and enhances shine
– Manages and controls frizz

Anytime I use  a product I like to  see if the  benefits they  advised with are actually legit.  This one is which is a  major plus. I keep being  impressed with this  brand.  I’m excited to  try more from them.

If you would like to  purchase the  mask or  want more info on it. I have included the  link below!

Purchase the Christophe Robin’s Regenerating Mask at Sephora.

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