Modern Renaissance Palette

This is the Anastasia  Beverly Hills’s Modern Renaissance Palette. I’m going to go ahead an tell you before you continue reading this. I did not get this from Sephora or The brand itself.  I found this one on eBay for like $13. I was looking for something else and These came up and  I thought what the hell let’s see what I get.

I was not disappointed at all. I did a check and compared it to the actual thing. They are similar in every way. So if it’s a  dupe then it is a  damn good one.


The Palette itself is this lovely velvet pink case. The only issue I had was I scratched some of the writing off the  front and the  label on the  back is  coming up. That was from  me  inspecting it though. I pulled it up to see if there was anything sketchy under it.


These colors  are  quite stunning for a bunch of  neutral tones with the one bright color. Honestly I prefer the bright colors and for this one Love Letter is my favorite! As you can  see below these colors are super  light on my skin. I tried to  get some  good  swatches but most of the  colors are just too light on me.

Let’s break down the colors  below.



Tempera– is the  color of my  skin, which is why you can’t see it.

Golden Ochre– it’s a light tan color


Vermeer– super light  glittery pink

Buon Fresco– light  browish purple

Antique Bronze– Brown with hints of  silver glitter

Love Letter– Bright reddish Pink

Cyprus Umber- very dark brown




Raw Sienna– neutral Tan

Burnt Orange– Browish Orange, Literally a  burnt orange. Very appropriately  named.

Prima Vera– tan full of  shiny glitter.

Red Ochre– Browish Red

Venetian Red– Super dark  red with some purple hues and glitter.

 Warm Taupe– light brown

Realgar– Dark Orange.

All the non-glittery colors are matte.

This is a lovely palette  if you are in to neutrals. I’m ok with them when I need them, but I  prefer  more variety of  colors. This is actually a  nice palette  even though it’s not  really my  style. It’s a lot of  darker colors which I really enjoy. It’s not one I would  normally buy which is why when I found it on eBay for $13 I decide why not. Like I said I’m not a bit disappointed at all, I really like this  palette.

I’m not sure if they still have them on eBay or not but you can  always goes the  legit  way  about it and  get it  straight from  Anastasia Beverly Hills or Sephora. I have included the links to  both below. On both sites they are  $42 a piece.

Buy Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Buy Modern Renaissance from Sephora

Have you all  every gotten something off eBay like this?  How was  your  experience?  I would love to  hear it.

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