Play! by Sephora! All Star Edition

This is the Special Edition Playbox. I believe this is the 2nd one they have done. I could be wrong about that cause I missed it if there was. This one is the All-Star Edition.


It came in the matte black play box with the holographic writing.IMG_7571

When you first open it this is what you see. If all that holographic stuff doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will. I got super excited. It’s just so pretty and promising.

FullSizeRender - Copy (18)

This one came with Tarot Cards for each of the products in the box. I really love this concept. It’s so clever. I will be posting the card with the products. They  are too good not to share

This is the Tarot Card for the box itself. It’s got the theme on the front the products included on the back.

IMG_7575 This bag is amazing! I’m really quite in love with it. I think it’s because it’s a shiny silver rainbow. Also, it’s a  pretty good size bag. It’s not one of the drawstring bags either which is always a nice change.

FullSizeRender - Copy (10)

Moisture Bound Rejuvenating  Creme by Amorepacific.  I  have heard of this company. I got a sample of foundation a while back that I wasn’t much a  fan of. I think it’s cause it was the wrong color and it was on a prepackaged sponge. It was just really weird. Anyways this creme here is pretty great.  A little will go a long way. Also, it leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. I really like it. I have been using it in the morning.

Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II. I haven’t heard of this brand before. When I  first looked at this one took me a  min to figure out what the hell it was. I didn’t know if it was a  face wash or a serum. The card is kind of worded weird. It’s a serum to use after you wash your face. It’s really strange when you put it on where it’s a water-like liquid, so I only put on a  little. Once this stuff soaks in your face is so soft and smooth with a slight glow. I’m quite impressed with it. I’m going try it some more and see how it goes.

Veil Primer by Hourglass. I’ve tried a  couple things from Hourglass, not anything I’ve been too crazy about.   I have a shimmer primer by them that is ok. This one is really nice though. Its light goes on easily. I put it on awaited a little bit to apply makeup. It did  pretty well in making  my face all soft and moisturized. However, it’s not one that I would purchase, not that it’s a bad product. I’m just not too thrilled with it.

FullSizeRender - Copy (13)

Diorshow by Dior. I’ve always been a big fan of the brand in fashion. So I get excited when I see it as a sample or in a Play! box. I’ve tried this mascara before I believe last year. It’s not a bad mascara. The brush is nice, it goes on with ease and little clumping. However, it doesn’t give me the full big lashes that I personally like. It is perfect if you need a subtle lash or something to get your bottom lashes. It would really make a great top coat to go over your lashes and get out and clumps.

FullSizeRender - Copy (17)

Indian Rose Lip Color by Tom Ford. This is another fashion brand I’m a  big fan of. Again it always excites me when the  2  worlds that go hand in hand come together like this. I love lipstick that’s no secret. This one is quite lovely. It’s a gorgeous dark pink color, a brownish pink really.  It goes on smooth, doesn’t dry out, and keeps its shine. It’s not really a long wear it will wear off with eating and drinking. If you are looking for an easy going color without too much hassle this one is good.


Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. This literally smells like a Flowerbomb. The scent is pretty wonderful. I would recommend wearing only a  little. I spray 1  spray too many and it was super intense. If that’s how you want your perfume then, by all means, layer it up. If you are just trying to smell like a light floral scent this is pretty great as well. I think it smells heavily of roses, which I love.

This was a  fun little-limited edition box. I really liked it due to knowing what was coming in them before I  paid the $20 for it.  I really enjoy trying all the products especially since some of them are ones I wouldn’t normally buy.

This box is currently no longer available but you can always subscribe to the monthly Play! boxes. They really never disappoint me.

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