Sphynx 3 in 1 Travel Razor

Hello! This is the product of the week.

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve seen this thing pop up about everywhere this year so a couple of months ago I decided to try it.

This is the Sphynx  3 in 1  Travel Razor.


It comes in this nice simple package with instructions on the back. I’m kind of sad they only had the purple one in stock when I ordered this one.  I really wanted a  pink one.

IMG_6516[308] nkjn

I really dig the overall design of it. The thought of around razor sounds kind of insane at first but it’s very easy to hold in your hand.  Almost easier than a normal razor.IMG_6515[307]

When you open the lid you will see the razor. There are 2 of them included inside the circle kit. The way it works is the knob on the front you use to spin the part round to be able to use it the different tools. If you look closely you can see that it has picture etched on it. The Razors are pretty straightforward and you can actually clean them out if need be or buy replacements. IMG_6514[306]

The next part is the moisturizing bar. It works by adding a little water and rubbing it in. Next, you will get the part of your body that you want to shave and rub the bar on it It basically creates a layer of light clear shaving cream. It’s pretty weird to use at first but it’s actually kind of great. It leaves your skin soft and not feeling dried out like sometime shaving creams will do.


The last part is this tiny adorable little spray bottle. You fill it with water to use to get the spot you want to shave.  It’s a  great idea in theory but it runs out super fast. I’ve taken to using a washcloth to wet the area instead of just refilling it. It’s kind of a hassle to refill it again and again if you are trying to shave your whole leg. The point of the razor is to carry for touch up on missed spots. It’s perfect for that, it’s a simple process that really works.

I’m really pleased with it.  Now you don’t have to work about panicking if you missed a  spot or you got a hookup or whatever a random event pops up. This little round razor kit is perfect just toss in your bag and go.

I paid  $15 for this one from  Urban Outfitters. They don’t carry them anymore online. The Sphynx brand does have a website. It has the razor in 4 different colors and you can purchase refill packs for the razor and moisturizing bar as well. As always the link is included below.

Buy Sphynx Travel Razor.



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