Tarte’s Make Believe in Yourself

This is  a Limited  Edition Eye and Cheek Palette by Tarte. I snagged this one at a  Sephora in Texas on sale for $30. Which it’s currently  still on sale for the  same price at  both Sephora and  the brand’s web site. I  really  adore the  name of this   palette. Make Believe in  Yourself, it’s  really a  strong positive  message to  send out to anyone.


The cover of the  palette is a gorgeous  Kaleidoscope  pattern. That was one of the  things that drew me too it. I’m  glad for that I have a strong  love of  rainbows for that  reason. Cause I have not been disappointed with this palette.


These color are all glittery shades of perfect. This palette is made with Amazonian clay & mineral pigments. It will give you this  lovely  fairy tale like longer wear.

klcas (3)

Let’s   break down these colors.

Believe– A pearl  highlighter. It has become one of my  favorite highlighters and  I like to  use it in the corner of my eye for that  extra  pop.

Myth– The only  Matte in  the  entire  palette. Which is  always  a  nice thing to  have just in case.

Magic– Dark Brown that goes on Bronze.

Wings- Dark  tan that  turns Copper when you put it on.

Marvel– Metallic light golden color. Almost comes off as silver.

Trance– looks like a  metallic pink but goes on  silver.

Fairy– Metallic Lavender that  looks like a  dark purple,  appears lighter on skin

Mystic-Blue Pearl basically a light blue full of silver glitter.

Dream-Turquoise, really it’s just a  darker version of Mystic.

Crystal– champagne color that almost looks tan

Pixie– Golden Pink,  basically a  peach color that  goes on gold.

I’m  really quite pleased with this  palette. It’s my  go to when I need just s  quick  easy  look. I use it  has  my primary  make up  mirror as well  since it’s  round and easy to hold.  I actually carry this one  around in my  purse with me.  I’m pretty in love with it. Plus it smells amazing! Seriously Tarte is killing it with these amazonian  clay products. I’ve not gotten anything  bad from any of the collection they  have out.

If you want to  pick up this  palette you can get it  from  Tarte themselves. I  couldn’t  find it  on  Sephora’s   website  anymore. I have included the link below.

Buy the Make Believe in Yourself Palette from Tarte!

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