Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Shockful

This line came out last month so I’m a little delayed on reviewing it. Plus I’ve still been playing around with it.

So far I’m in love, but I have never had a bad experience with any of Kat’s products.


I, of course, snatched up the pink one.  This one is named Shockful. As of right now, it’s the only one that I have gotten. I will be purchasing some of the other colors in the future. hbjkjnkjn

The box was a simple matte black with silver writing as it the lipstick tube itself. I think it was a  good call since the color of the stuff is so bright. kmkjn

I had to use my notebook for this since my usually pink background is the same color. I was kinda disappointed at first cause I thought it was a  super tiny tube with not a lot in it. So I was surprised when I opened it up to see the little bit of extension of the tube under the wand cap. jnkn

This color and wand are perfect. The actual lipstick goes on so smooth. I was afraid it would be clumpy like some Glitter lipsticks. I was not disappointed. It’s really perfect.


I really adore this color. It’s quite amazing. It is just the right amount of glitter without being clumped or sticky.  Somehow it is perfectly put in there so that you don’t have those issues.


Also, it’s perfect to go over other lipstick. Which I wasn’t aware you could do until I saw it on the brand’s Instagram. Seriously…. you can really use it to transform your lipsticks into something more. I used Kat’s Sinner under this one. Which is another review I need to do.

I’m extremely happy with this Glimmer Veil and I will get getting some more of them. Only so I can see what other colors I can make.

Anyone else tried one of these? Which Color? Tell me about it!

Buy Glimmer Veil from Kat Von D Beauty.

Buy Glimmer Veil from Sephora.

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