Kat Von D’s Sinner Lip Set

A few months back Kat and Sephora released this as a  48 hr sale as a  promotion for her new perfume. They did 2  sets of these, one for each scent. This is part 2 of the release.

Each set included a sample of both perfumes one of sinner and one of saint.dsfwe

It also features an Everlasting liquid lipstick and  Everlasting lip liner. This set was in  Sinner, which is a super dark purple.


The Everlasting  Liquid Lipstick is the same formula as usual. It goes on smooth. This one you only need 1 coat and don’t have to cake it on for the color to be complete without light spots.


I really love this color in the lip liner.  I’ve been doing a lot of dark lip looks lately and this one is perfect to line it with then cover with any liquid lipstick.


As you can see the colors are super dark on my super pale skin. The lipstick looks almost black. These colors actually stay on for a  good while. The only issue I have is the part where my lips meet the color fades there.

I  reviewed this perfume set last month when it came to my Playbox. I really dig it. Mainly  cause it smells like Avon’s Night Magic which my mom use to wear. I find it  comforting since it’s so  similar but with a  twist. It is  a  heavier scent  but not  so much that  you can’t  stand it. I’m really thinking about  getting a  full size of it.

I’m really happy with this  set as well. I think I like it more than the Saint one. I tend to  go  with dark colors more.  This was a nice  promo for them to  have done for  the perfume coming out. I’m glad I was lucky enough to  be  able to  snatch up both sets since I’m not sure if they will be coming out with the colors to be   purchases  by themselves.

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