September Ipsy Glam Bag




This months theme was Like. A. Boss. It included a  nice little mix of product that certainly do give off that boss vibe.


This  bag really went with the theme. It’s black with the  raised  diamond  pattern  which reminds me of a mini  handbag that a  Boss would  carry. I think they did perfect in  choosing  it.


This bag  included 2 paper masks. These are  from a  brand I’ve never heard of. I was not  very  excited about them due to the  bad  experience I had with last month. These  actually weren’t as bad. They fit my face better and weren’t uncomfortable. I left it on for about 20 mins then rubbed in the extra left behind. It did  leave my face soft and glowy.


The only  real issue I had as that in in Chinese , I believe it is if  not I’m sorry. It’s a  language I don’t  recognize. This is the 2nd time Ipsy has includes masks like this in  bag. Which is  fine since I’m assuming in not a well known company, but I always  get bummed with I can’t read the back of something.


Adesse Nail Lacquer is amazing! Ipsy has partnered  with them a couple times and included one in  their  bags. I’ve never been disappointed. This is a lovely dark  grey, not so  light that it  looks terrible. I put in on and it lasted about 5 days with little  chipping. I keep meaning to  invest in more colors, then I forget to check out.


This is like the  3rd  Luxie  brush I’ve gotten. I really  adore them. They  are  soft and hold  product. Also they  are  easy to  clean without staining them. I really love these brushes.


Beauty for Real 24-7 eyeliner. This was another  brand I’ve not heard of. I’m really impressed with it. This is a super dark blue that looks  lovely on. Also it last pretty long. When I  put in  on my  hand as shown above it was still there hours later. It  goes on without a  problem and doesn’t  break off like some eyeliners will. I’m really pleased about this one and  will be looking into the  brand more.

*Please note I stole that picture from  Beauty for Real. Some how I managed to  delete mine and lose the actually eyeliner so I couldn’t redo it. I really  love the set up the did that  picture in and will have to  try it.


So I got  super  excited that Colour Pop was in this  bag. It’s the one  big  make up brand that I haven’t tried. I think I hyped myself up to much for it. I’m not  pleased with it. The Lippie Stix  goes on really smooth and looks nice. Then It rubs off easily. I literally had it  everywhere. Also when it  does start kind of drying that it  feels weird. I don’t know maybe I’m not using it right, not sure how that could be but maybe. I will try it  again and again and hopefully it will work. I will be trying some of their  other  products since I have  heard  good things about them.


The color for this one  was Glam Bag which it’s literally  the  exact color of the  Ipsy package. The color is  really lovely, and I adore anything pink.  If anyone else  had a  better experience with it I would love to hear about it.

I was pretty pleased with this  bag as a  whole. Despite the  couple of  issues I had with the  products. It was  really  well put  together and it  fit them  them.

Did anyone get anything different? How did you like this month’s bag? Tell me stuff.

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