September Play! by Sephora


This months theme was Fall into Beauty, which I think is quite clever since it’s coming into fall.


I really love this bag. It’s a pink silk bag with is lovely. Plus it’s got the phrase “a Change of Face”. It’s adorable and it’s a powerful statement of what make up can do. I feel like with make up that you can constantly change your face to whatever you want. Well to a certain extent of course. I dig it though.


I’ve tried Stila perfume but never any of the  makeup  parts of it. This eyeliner is  amazing. It’s a liquid eyeliner with a super soft tip that  lets the product gild on in  perfection. It’s a super dark black and goes on perfectly in  1 stroke. Definitely  a nice  one  to have  around. Did I mention it  was perfect?

Laura Mercier’s Velour Lovers Lip Colour in  Happy. I’ve  tried a few products from this brand.  This is  the  3rd lipstick I’ve come across and I’m not disappointed. It’s a  lovely  shade of  reddish pink, it’s a good medium shade. Actually it’s a great color for Fall. Also doesn’t  dry out or  get  cakey like some lipstick will. I’m really pleased with it.

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani Beauty. This is a light scent that kind of reminds me of the ocean. It not overly powerful but if you layer it up it would definitely good be for it.  It’s a really nice scent not one I would personally purchase myself though.

This is one product I’ve been dying to try, Gimme Brow by Benefit. I’ve seen these pop up in  my free sample option or in weekly wows. I always miss out on the lighter shade, which this is a little darker but not so much that it’s  crazy. Anyways this little brush is   perfect and so easy to use.  I’ve been  trying  eyebrow stuff here lately cause mine are so blonde that are basically invisible and this stuff right here is my favorite. I will be  investing in a full size in my shade soon. Plus I’ve never had a bad experience with anything I’ve gotten from this brand.  This  just just adds to my love of them.

The True Cream by Belif. I don’t believe I’ve come across this brand before if I have a don’t remember. This is a cream that’s a little on the thick side. However it doesn’t take a lot of product to cover you whole face.  It’s an ok cream, leaves my face feeling a little rough at first when you put it on. It does  make your face a little smoother as it soaks in  but it left mine feeling  a little greasy. Could just be  my  skin though.  I wouldn’t  purchase it after this due to that. Anyone else have any issues with this one?

DevaCurl….. I feel like I’ve been missing out with this company with just this product. Actually these hair masks I’ve been trying lately are giving me life. This one is  incredible. As with all of these mask you wash you hair  before you use it. I applied it to  my damp towel dried hair it’s a thick cream that goes on super  easy. I didn’t even have to use much even though and I have super long hair. I tied my hair up and left it on for 20 mins, washed it out, towel dried a little, then just let my hair air dry.  The next morning My hair felt amazing. It was  soft, flowy and made me feel all care free. I really  love this one.

This  box was  pretty  great. I wasn’t completely unhappy with anything and I found a  couple new brand I really did. I have included a  link to the info on this month’s  box  below.

September Play! by Sephora

What did you all  get? and  How did you like them? I wanna know stuff.

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