Tarteist Lip Paint in Selfish

If you have been following this blog then you already know that I’m in love with Tarte. So a few weeks ago when their lip paints were featured in Sephora’s Weekly Wows, I jump at it. I purchase 3 for $11 a pop.


I discovered Tarteist Lip Paint in an ipsy bag when I got a  mini in Yaaas which is this gorgeous light purple. That’s for another time. I’m a big fan of hot pink, so of course, I had to get this one.


This color is called Selfish, which is actually kind of perfect. I think the color pink can sometimes come off that way so it works. This was a full-size lipstick, I was almost worried it was a mini when I ordered it.


The formula is quite lovely. It’s a little on the thick side but not so much that it gets cakey. You can get the full color of it in just one coat. Trust me I’ve tried a lot of lipstick that I’ve had to layer up. Eventually, it just ends up in you using up too much of the product for shitty results. I really adore Tarte’s lip paint they never dry out my lips and they are pretty amazing.


I’m pretty in love with this color. I’ve always looked good in pink so I have a habit of buying lipstick in some version of the color.  It’s just dark enough to pop against my skin. This one really didn’t disappoint, which honestly Tarte has never let me down and that’s why it’s one of my favorite brands.

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