Coming Soon: Book Reviews

So I’ve been thinking about starting to post book reviews. I’m a total bookworm. I love reading a biography of rockers, serial killers, random celebrities that I like. I was looking back on the test blog I was doing before I created this space. I  found a  couple that I did and have gone in an edited them since they were kind of  Shit before and I’m going start posting those as a test. If y’all like them awesome. It’s not hell I still may post them since I love to write about things I love.  I will post the  1st one tomorrow.

I may start doing them as a  weekly thing. Actually no I may do them as a biweekly or monthly thing since I get so busy I can’t find time to read a  damn book.

Seriously I’ve been reading this 3rd Corey Taylor book for like 6 months.

If anyone reading this as any recommendation I would love to  hear them.

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