Meg Twin Nail Midnight Rainbow


Here is the  3rd and final part of my twin nail reviews.

This is Midnight Rainbow. I brought this purely for the name of it.

It’s a set including a Dark Blue. It’s really is almost a Tardis Blue. If you don’t get that reference to google it or we can’t be friends.  Kidding we totally can, but you should still google it and discover the wonder of it.

Anyways this Blue works the same way as all the other dark colors. 2 coats and you are covered. It’s really quite lovely and perfect to use.

The other polish is a clear coat full of colorful pastel and bright colored chunky glitter. It’s really gorgeous. This one is a fun set. Probably my favorite out of the 3 that I did purchase.

This one has little chipping any time I use it. I’m really happy with these and will be buying more of them.  If you want to purchase this one I have included the link below.

Buy Midnight Rainbow from Meg



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