Meg’s Twin Nail-Aurora Vibe


Here is part 2 of 3 of my review of the Meg Cosmetics Twin Nails. This one is Aurora Vibe.

This set really gives me a dark Christmas feel. Which is perfect if you love Christmas but not the bright colors of it all.  It’s got this dark forest green that you can put on in  2 coats.  The 2nd color is this lovely dark pink that goes on the same way.

I have noticed it a lot with these sets with the dark colors you can get them on completely with no show through in 2 coats. That is a big thing when it comes to dark polish.  These 2 colors are lovely. The beauty of the sets like this is that you can wear one color or both.  I have mixed it up to wear only the pink then only the green. I have done this look above or the reverse of it.

These sets are good for that you can get multiple looks from one set.

Buy Aurora Vibe from Meg


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