White Line Fever

Since I decided I wanted to review the book as well. I thought this one was appropriate since this man is a driving force in the soundtrack of my life.

I’m a huge Motorhead fan. Lemmy was one of my favorites of all time, so much that I named my husky after him. She is a girl and they actually have the same birthday so it’s appropriate.

Anyways I bought this book literally a day or 2 before he died because I had never read it for some reason. It was a comforting thing to received after he died and I really enjoyed reading it.

This book is amazing. I’m not just saying that cause of my love for the man. If you like  Music, in general, this book is a good time mainly due to the fact Lemmy was just a fan himself.

Lemmy tells you about starting out, random things that happened growing up, while touring, and about random musicians he met or that he has seen along the way.

There are some great stories about some gigs he performed and some of the wild shit that happened during them.

He was an amazing human in general. It honestly took me forever to read the tiny book, cause I didn’t want it to end. Mainly since I know that was the end of it, that there are no more books. I love reading interviews he has done cause you always end up taking something away from it. This book was no different.

If you are a  fan this is definitely worth the read. Also, check out the Documentary about him. It’s of course called Lemmy. I’m pretty sure it’s still on Netflix.

If you want to purchase this book. I found it on eBay it’s also on Amazon which I have posted the link below.

Buy White Line Fever by Lemmy

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