Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r

This brand has to be the biggest one anticipated release I’ve seen in a while. I was able to get one of these as a free sample with a Sephora order. Needless to say, I was excited.


I wanted to included this side of the box because it gives the description. I will go ahead and tell you now all of them are legit true.


It’s a tiny adorable little bottle. I was a little worried that it was a shade off when I 1st open it and saw it in the bottle. It looks darker in this picture above.  Also this tiny little bottle I have used like 5 times and it’s still half full.


This Shade is actually my color. I could maybe go a shade lighter but this one is actually pretty damn spot on.  The formula is light and you can literally use a little and make it go a long way.  I will put a couple dabs on my face then use a brush to blender it in. I have also put it on my hand like above and used a blender to apply it. It goes on perfect either way. I have used some foundations that will work better one way and not the other. This one is legit perfect.


Ok so this picture the Left side of my face has the Pro Filt’r on it and the other is just my face. As you can see the right side is Red and you can see my under eye bags real bad. While the left side is covered and all one color with only the little hit of darkest under my eye since I hadn’t used concealer yet.


This is a picture of the full makeup look using the foundation. I  did use Nars concealer over it and it blenders together perfectly. I like to use Kat Von D’s Setting powder to set my under eyes. The reason I tell you this is I have had some foundation become cakey when doing that. Fenty is amazing! Everything goes on smooth and stays that way.

Seriously Rihanna has changed the game in a big way. I have heard nothing but good, positive things about all of this line.  I’m excited to try what else there is. Also, I will be investing in a full size of this.

Anyone else been able to try this stuff? Let me know what you thought.

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