Super Food Sample Bag

So in July and August Sephora had this sample bag  available for  orders over $25 or it may have been  $35. This cute little  Sephora Slip-lock bag included 12 samples. All  these are  organic product made  with super foods hence the name of the sample bag.


I  adore Tarte and this was  no different. It’s a lovely cream that feel like it’s thick but when you put it on it  hins out.  I only used a  little over a couple of days and it went a long way. It left my facing feeling so  soft. I’ve tried a couple things from this skincare  collection they have out now. I’m a  big  fan of them, but Tarte has never let me down.


Kora Noni Glow. It is a brand I’ve not  heard of. This is a organic  face oil. First off it’s  hard to  get out of that tiny bottle. Seriously it took my  like 5 mins to figure out how to  get the product out of this sample bottle. It’s a thin oil that doesn’t take a lot of to cover you whole face. It left me feeling glowy but that may have been the oil. It’s not a  bad  product though.


I am constantly coming across Josie Maran. I have tired oils and creams from the brand. I have yet to  be  disappointed by this  brand. This cream is no different. It is a thin formula that goes on perfectly and leave your skin feeling  glowy. I’m really big on this product and It’s one I always  seem to have around. Anytime I see if as a sample I usually  get it.


First Aid Beauty is an amazing  company. I’ve tried several of their face creams and  washes. Me and my wife really  like what we have tried. Since we have been together I have gotten her in on some of my  beauty ways.  This coconut smoothie priming moisture is  quite lovely. It’s light, silky and smells amazing. It’s a good primer that doesn’t make you face feel gross or weighted down before doing your makeup. I really like it.


Not going to lie, this one surprised me. I was trying to figure out what the hell it was cause everything else is a beauty product. This was a drink powder, but it worked with the theme of the bag.  This was the last one I tried, today actually. I was afraid it would make me sick or I would have a  reaction and didn’t want it to effect my work day.  I have a rare day today of  getting some stuff set up so It’s a easy day. I mixed mine in with Silk’s Vanilla Almond Milk since it’s my favorite.  You have to mix it to to death. I used a  butter knife to get the edges of my cups where the mixture was caked. It does taste of mint but not so strong that it’s bad. I’m not one for  mint chocolate chip however so I may need to  try a different  flavor. It does taste pretty good actually.  I kinda of  dig it. I didn’t  et sick or nauseous like some drink mixes like this do. If you are look for a  green drink  this one isn’t bad.  It did make me  feel pretty good too.


This one  was  strange. It was like  straight water. Well at least that  what it  came out as. I also  poured it  all over my  desk it took me  by  surprise. Once you  figure it out and  get it on your  face it’s better. It left my face feeling moisturized  but then  stiff when it  dried.


This was an ok mask. It was all  green and  smelled like it too. I don’t mean that in  a  bad  way. It was  good for this super food  bag. This mask was  on the  refreshing  side. Which I was  surprised by since it did  smell like kale. I rather liked it. However it’s not one that I would buy normally.


This one is  lovely. It’s a black gel with what  appears to  be  glitter in it.  I use it  for  3 days in  the morning and  at  night. A little is all you need to  cover your  whole face. It left me  with a smooth glowy face. I really like it.


I really  dig this  brand. I have gotten a  sample of this a  few months back and  really liked it. It’s a clear  gel that  lathers up  really well. It’s a  pretty  effective  cleanser and will  cut through makeup. It was a  reminder that I need to  look into Youth to the People a little more and  see what  else they  have.


This  stuff is  actually  pretty  great. It’s  smooth and silky when you  use it. It really  reminds me  of  coco butter but not as thick. It will  leave your  skin feeling   pretty amazing, plus it smells  amazing. I will have to be  looking more into this brand.


This mask is a little intense at  1st. I put it on and  it  was instant  heat from it.  It’s a  orange honey  looking  gel that you  rub on your  face and it  turns  white. It’s like White Heat. It was  amazing though. It’s a  calming  heat and not on that makes you feel like you are having a  heat  stoke. I left it on for  30 mins washed it  off and  my  skin feel  amazing. It did leave me a  little on the  flushed side but it  was  worth. I’m definitely  going to  be  getting some of this to do  masks this  winter.


This was another  weird one. It’s like a oil paste at first and feels super  greasy. I put it on and was a little  turned off by it cause of  how it  felt on my  skin. I used it on my  arms and legs after a shower. I put on leggings and a t shirt afterwards and it  felt so strange I literally almost took another shower. However I sucked it up and left it alone to see what happens. I’m really  glad I did this stuff is kind of  amazing! My  skin was so soft and moisturized. It’s a really good product to have especially if you have some  dry spots. I’ve been  using it on my  elbows and  feet. I recommend giving this one a chance if  you come  across it. Plus it  smells like coconuts.

I was super pleased with this  sample bag. I will always try to  get one whenever Sephora offers them. They always include stuff I want to try or never thought to. It’s a nice little plus especially if  you are already place an order.

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