October Ipsy Glam Bag

This months bag had a serious Halloween vibe and I was super excited when I got my preview of it before it shipped.


I Love this theme. Spellbound it’s really perfect for the season. Also this card I’m framing, cause that phrase is perfect!


This bag is adorable as well. It’s a deep red and actually a pretty good sized bag. It’s got a  lace pattern on it that gives it that Halloween vibe. At least to me, it does.


I decide to do a close up of it so you can really see the pattern.


I’m pretty big on the Urban Decay lately. They have yet to disappoint me, even though I was super late to the party. I have a couple of their eyeliners and they are perfect. They go on smooth they are easy to sharpen. Which yes is a big thing? Have you ever sharpened an eyeliner and lost more eyeliner cause it was a made of super shitty wood? It’s the worst. These here never have that issue. This is black which is essential to any makeup bag. Trust me at some point in your life you are going to need a black eyeliner for something.


I’m super pale so of course, it’s super dark on me. Also, it doesn’t smudge easy, which is another big plus.


This is a brand I’ve never heard of. I’m always a list hesitant of liquid lipstick from brands I’ve never heard of. I’ve been burned in the past by getting some terrible ones. This one was a nice surprise. It goes on nicely, isn’t sticky and doesn’t auto dry out your lips. I wore this one to go have a tire put on my car and still had it o hours later when I got home.


This color was also quite lovely. It’s a dark nude pink. I’m really pretty happy with it. This brand will be going on my list of one to check out.


Another brand I don’t believe I have heard of. I really dig the name though because I really love the movie Pretty Women. I think they made a  good choice with the naming of it, cause every girl is going to relate it back to that. OK most girl, not all but most of them will. I love the box design as well. I’m one that will be automatically drawn to the design of something so this is a plus.


This polish is a super dark red. I had to use 2 coats to not have any nail showing. It goes on super dark in just those 2.  Also, it has minimal chipping. I’m really happy with this polish.


As always I keep getting more sheet masks.  I like sheet makes but I’m kinda over them at this point. I really do enjoy these BioRepublic ones. I never have issues with them falling off, not fitting my face, or just being an overall pain. I used this one,  left it on for about 15 mins, massage some of it in after I took it off. Then I just let the rest soak into my face, which is not something I usually do I will massage it till there is barely anything left. I’m happy with that way of doing it and it left my face all smooth and moisturized.





This one has the same effect. It will leave your face feeling soft and glowy.  As much as I enjoy the masks and creeping out my wife by wearing them. I would like to try something new at this point.


I love Tarte!  I actually got one of these a few months ago as a bonus sample in a Sephora order. It actually a pretty decide mascara. I feel like it works better alone than with a primer though. This one is a brownish-black mascara, which I believe the other one I got was as well. This is a nice mascara to have as on the go one. This was designed to be a little more on the sweat proof side. It’s not a heavy mascara that gets all caked up when you use it. If that’s what you are looking for then this is  perfect for you.

I’m pretty happy with this bag. It’s got all the  right vibes for me. Plus all the products are great! This is the 2nd month in a  row that Ipsy hasn’t  disappointed me. I’m winning over here. What did you all get? I wanna know!


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