The Beginning of the End

I’m in mourning. Well, I kind of has been for a while now. My favorite band on the planet is breaking up. They announced is way back at the beginning of this year in  March. It’s just hitting me since coming up on the 7th I will have the chance to see them in concert for the very last time ever.

I’ve decided to start working my way through their albums and process how I am to cope knowing this is the end.  Yes, I will still have their music, which has been my driving force in my life for basically the past 15 years.  I think I’ve been in denial since I heard and it all hitting me now.

It’s like losing your best friend, luckily for me, I will never lose my actual human one. However, this band has been the one consist in life since I was 14 and I 1st heard one of their songs on Jackass or was it Via La Bam. Who knows I just know I heard it and had to know who the hell it was. It took me forever to figure out who the hell the band was. Since then I’ve been obsessed with it all.

While I’m working through it and preparing myself for the beginning of the end I thought I would break down their albums.

There are  8 of them I will be posting them over the next week along with my normal regular posts.


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