Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

This Palette came out last month after what seemed like a  super long wait once Kat announced it as coming out. I literally saved my money so I didn’t break the bank since this was like $62. Yes, that’s a lot of money. Makeup is expensive, don’t let anyone lie to you about that. Anyways she released the lipstick sets in the month coming up to this. I’ve already reviewed those if you haven’t checked those out.


This box design is wonderful. It’s got the raised designed on the front and the back includes a list of all the colors.


I really adore this box design giving it the cathedral feel to it. I like that she always decides to go with the black and the shiny font to list the colors on it. It reads better this way. I think if she would have duplicated the box exactly with the actual colors on the back it would have been overkill.


Seriously the details on this are incredible. The matte black with the designed in gold and the shiny black. Also, the design has layers of the highlighters and the shadows.


The layout of it reminds me of a uniformed stained glass window. Saint to the left and Sinner to the right.


Let’s Start with the Saint side. 1st off this shiny black font with the golden design surrounding it, I think it adds a nice effect to the palette.  It makes you have to really look at the details of it since it almost blends in.



Let’s break down the saintly colors, starting from the top.

Absolution-delicate pearly white

Worship– Deep purple with  a light shimmer

Immaculate– shimmering olive green

Chalice– glimmering dark tan.

Scared Heart-Rose Gold

Amen– Matte off White

Sanctuary– shiny purple-brown

Heaven– gorgeous silver with tiny pieces of glitter

Crucifix– dark brown kind of a matte version of Sanctuary

Cathedral– light shimmer blue with silver glitter pieces.

Rosary– shiny fuchsia  a  shade  darker than Sacred Heart

Baptism– Matte white


The Sinner side is done just like the Saint of course. Now let’s talk about our sins.



Rapture– Glittery hot pink. If I was an eyeshadow I would be this one. The name and the color are perfect!

Sabbath-matte black. Also if she wouldn’t have named it this I would have been super disappointed. It would have been a missed opportunity.

Ashes– medium grey with tiny chunks of glitter.

Martyr-Burnt tan with hints of orange

Devil-matte burnt orange

Revelation-Dark brown with golden glitter

Vestment– shimmering forest green with hints of purple

Ministry-glimmery deep blue

Exodus– matte lime green with yellow glitter

Exorcism– matte violet with a little shimmer to it

Relic– gorgeous gold

Stigmata-glimmering crimson.

I am intensely in love with this palette. It’s really everything I could have hoped for once it was announced. Seriously Kat just keeps upping her game with her beauty line. It’s all shimmery and glittery if you didn’t know already. Everything about this palette I love, the layout, the colors, the theme and especially the names. The names are brilliant and fit it perfectly.

I’m extremely happy with it and It was worth the money I spent on it. If you want to purchase it you can get it only at Sephora. The link is below.

Buy the Saint and Sinner Palette!







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