Razorblade Romance

Razorblade Romance is the second studio album by HIM. This one was released on January 24th, 2000. They tried to record with Hilli, who produced the 1st album but it didn’t work out so he brought John Fryer to do. This album upped their game with the mental aspect. I believe this was the beginning of Love Metal as they lovingly call it.

This was actually the 1st HIM album I ever listened to. Razorblade Kiss was the song I remember hearing from them and I was in love. Plus this album is all Pink, So that helped in the attraction to it.

The band Lineup is below,  which if you noticed the drum and keyboards were switched out.

Track list

  1. .I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy)
  2. Poison Girl
  3. Join Me in Death
  4. Right Here In My Arms
  5. Gone With The Sins
  6. Razorblade Kiss
  7. Bury your Deep Inside Your Heart
  8. Heaven Tonight
  9. Death is in Love with Us
  10. Resurrection
  11. One Last Time

This album still carried the death/love theme. Seriously it’s on all of them. This one has a more of the rock vibe to it, while also having that metal romance vibe. Which is why the album name is so appropriate. This one is heavy on the keyboard than the last one. Also, it features some of the most amazing guitar riffs. Linde literally kills it on Right here in my Arms and Razorblade Kiss. Those 2 songs are actually my favorite.


This album was actually released under the name HER as well. Due to some Legal reasons with the name due to some dude in  Chicago owning the name in the states for his jazz band.  So they released it in the US as HER which was limited to a strict 1,000 Units. Those were printed by Jimmy Franks Recording Company which is owned by The Bloodhound Gang’s Jimmy Pop.  After the lawsuit, it was settled that both bands can use the name.

Sadly there are NO “reissue” versions or any other different versions of any kind for this release.

This album holds a  special place in my heart since it was the one that got me hooked and changed my little world.

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