Crystal Clear EOS

I’m a big fan of EOS to the point that I always have like 4 in my purse. Even since I’ve tried it I’ve been obsessed and a little addicted. I’ve tried everything from the traditional spheres to the sticks. So when these came out of course I had to get one. It took me a while to find one. I finally found the Vanilla Orchard at Walmart. These things are about  $5 a pop but it’s a small price for something I love.

Simple packaging and straight to the point.

I really love the triangle circle shape of it. Honestly, it’s kind of easier to hold, plus the clear factor is quite lovely. I adore the Vanilla EOSs which is why I got this one. It goes on smooth and it a lot more of a moisturizing product than a normal one. I was really pleased with it.

I was all fine and happy until it fell apart. I literally had it for all of a day and the lip balm part fell right off. I was heartbroken. I was able to put it back and it still worked. It just kept falling apart to the  point it started cracking and breaking into pieces. It’s really a lost cause at this point.

I found this Hibiscus Peach at  Five Below. I thought ok let’s try this again with the other flavor. I really dig the packaging of this. It’s really quite pleasing to the eye and unique in a way.

I have never cared too much for peach. I like peaches, peach rings, and peach tea, but peach lip palm seems strange. This one is actually quite delightful to taste. I was happy to find this one and give it a try since the  1st one didn’t work out.  I used this one for about 3 days and it too fell apart. It wasn’t as bad as the  1st one and I can still use it. I just keep it on my desk instead of carrying it in my purse so that it doesn’t break into pieces.

I did post this on Instagram and Twitter when it happened and the company reached out. I have emailed them and then forgot to reply back to them about it since I’ve been busy with work and life. They wanted pictures and for me to send it to them. So I will be sending them shortly since finding the pictures I took to remind me to do so. Hopefully, they will resolve the issue for me.

These mishappen beside I’m still a big fan of EOS and still love the regular ones and their lotions. That won’t change.

If you want to try these out. You can check EOS website for locations.  Most Walmarts, Targets, and CVS carry them.  The link below if you want to check them out.

Check out the EOS website.

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