Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights

Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights is the third studio album by HIM. This one was released on August 27th, 2001.  They started recording stuff for this one the fall of the year before. Original they wanted to release the 1st recordings as the finished album.  They had some issues with this album and had to make changes of the producer.  First, they started with T.T. Oksala after that was rejected, Kevin Shirley was brought in. He just clashed with the band due to the different styles which delayed the album. In total it took 11 months to records and it ended up being a different album from the previous 2.  This one had more of a pop feel to it than the rock/metal/goth one from the others.

This album was the 1st one the band tours the US with and it put such a strain on the band they almost broke up. Thankful they made it through that and got more years/albums out before the real break up.

This band line up included Burton on Keyboard which was the final change for that. He is still currently with the band.


  1. Salt in Our Wounds
  2. Heartache Every Moment
  3. Lose You Tonight
  4. In Joy and Sorrow
  5. Pretending
  6. Close to the Flame
  7. Please Don’t Let It Go
  8. Beautiful
  9. Don’t Close your Heart
  10. Love You Like I do

I like this album, but It’s not one of my favorites. I don’t know if it’s my least favorite or not. I will figure it out doing these reviews. The songs are pop with the rock feel, but it’s not as good as the last time. I do like the raw strange feeling to it.  I really love to Lose you Tonight and Beautiful. The beats, guitars and the words are want to get me.

I do really dig the name of the album and the fact that they use the name to do the album art. It’s really all just Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights.

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