Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

In the last Sephora order, I got this sample. I’ve been getting a lot of foundation and concealer ones lately in hopes of finding the most perfect one.  This one included 4 samples in different skin tones. Cause it’s most likely to match someone close enough that way. Since I’m super pale I went with the Fair 2. It wasn’t too awful dark, but it was light enough that it almost worked.


Looking at this chart I would need the Porcelain 0 since I’m so light,  Bare 1 may work as well. When I look for foundation or concealer I find it better to go a shade lighter than one darker. Cause I can make a lighter shade look darker, but It’s almost impossible to make a darker shade lighter.

Anyways this stuff is a really nice formula. I only have to use a  few dabs around my face and I was able to blend it in perfectly. I used my little sample twice and still have a couple more uses out of it. If you have read my blog then you by now I’m a big fan of a little going a long way.  This formula is light and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too clogged up. When I added my powders it does feel a little heavy but I think that’s the combination of my other products.


Above is a picture from the 1st time I used it, as you can see it’s not too far off from my actual shade. I used a little, not a whole bunch. The 2nd time I used it my face looked like it was darker than my chest. Also, it didn’t photograph well so all the pictures I did take were immediately deleted.

There was a process I used for my makeup in this picture was.  I’m going to list it in steps below.

  1. Primed my face
  2. Did my eye makeup
  3. Color Corrector that I dabbed in.
  4. Contoured with Creme
  5. Put on the Stila Stay all Day
  6. Applied setting powder
  7.  Applied blush/contour/highlight
  8. Put on Mascara and touched up my Eye makeup
  9. Did my lips
  10. Setting spray to finish.

I didn’t include the other products I used since this is a post about the Stila product. I will be getting into look break down soon.

I’m really happy with the product. It is a lovely light formula that does offer full coverage and will stay on for the long haul. The Stay all Day name is legit. I hate using products that don’t live up to their names. Makes me feel like I’ve been cheated when they don’t. This is not one of them. I will be investing in some of this in my actual shade.

Anyone else tried this? How do you like it? I would love to hear about it/

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