Tears on Tape

Tears on Tape is the eighth and now final studio album by HIM.  This one as released on April 30, 2013, in the US and Canada.

In May of that year, they began rehearsing songs for this album. A few months into that Gas, the band’s drummer began complaining of pain in his wrists.  He went to have them medically examined and a doctor concluded that he had nerve damage in his hands and arms that was caused by repetitive stress. Basically, he was told by his doctors to stop drumming so that the damage could heal.  It was during this time the that Ville was said to have filled in on drums while working on new material. A fun fact has been the drummer for a couple bands including Linde’s Daniel Lioneye, especially on their 1st album. After about eight months and a few treatments Gas was able to go back to drumming.  When it was  1st  announced that Gas was having the issue it was rumored to be the end of the band, but thankfully he was able to get through it.

They began recording this one in summer of 2012. They used producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, who that had used on 3 previous albums.  During this time, they recorded live in-studio performances both audio and video that was to be used as bonus tracks. Also during these same sessions, they did a cover of the Ké song “Strange World”,  which was released on the compilation XX – Two Decades of Love Metal. The mixing for the album began later that year by Tim Palmer, who they had used previously as well. The album was completed in December. At the time of it being complete, the band was not signed to a label since they left Sire Records in 2011, so they actually paid out of pocket for it. This was an advantage that allowed them to own all publishing rights to their music. It also allowed them to shop the album to various labels for distribution. In the US they made a  deal with Razor & Tie to release the album.

Tears on Tape is the first and only HIM release to include instrumental interludes.

The Band line up

  • Ville Valo – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, drums and bass guitar on “Kiss the Void”, piano on “Trapped in Autumn”
  •  Linde Lindström – lead guitar
  • Migé Paananen – bass guitar
  • Emerson Burton– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Gas Lipstick – drums

Track List

  1. Unleash the Red (Instrumental)
  2. All Lips Go Blue
  3. Love Without Tears
  4. I Will Be the end of You
  5. Tears of Tape
  6. Into the Night
  7. Hearts at War
  8. Trapped in  Autumn (Instrumental)
  9. No Love
  10. Drawn & Quartered
  11.  Lucifer’s Chorale (Instrumental)
  12. W.L.S.T.D. (When Love Starts to Die)
  13. Kiss the Void (Instrumental)

I was so excited for this album especially after everything with Gas. I was worried that would the end of them since they didn’t want to go on without him. Which at the end of last year Gas actually left the band and auctioned off his HIM drumset. I was upset by it, but I knew it was the best for him. The drummer they have now is Kosmo who from what I’ve seen it just a great.

This album is nothing like the last one which had that 80’s punk vibe to it. This one went back more Rock than the previous albums as well. I was really happy with it. It’s got the faster-paced songs then has 2 slower ones. The instrumentals are lovely though. They are a nice intermission from the rest of them album. There is one at the beginning, in the middle and at the very end. I album got them one on Vinyl, this gorgeous blue vinyl.  They are actually better on vinyl and at some point, I would like to get all the albums on the format.

My favorite tracks on this one are Lips Go Blue, I Will be the end of you, Hearts at War, and Drawn & Quartered. However, I really enjoy the whole album. I was grateful for it when it came out. I was in a really bad place. The title track Tears of Tape was one that really got me and fit where I was at. I think that is one of the reasons I’m so in love with the band cause there is a  song for every moment of my life. They have been there when it seemed like no one else was.

I am very grateful to these men that I have never met. They have changed my life and saved it so many time. I will treasure this last album so much.

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