Honey Apple EOS

This week I decided to choose my favorite flavor of lip balm as the Product of the Week.


The reason I actually purchased this one for the  1st time was that it was pink. I will buy something if it’s my favorite color. I’m not above it, plus if it’s covered in glitter. I got one in a package deal I believe for spring. Don’t quote me on that I could be wrong.

Anyways I was intrigued by the flavor Honey Apple. It just sounded amazing. It really is. It goes on smooth,  smells amazing, and weirdly enough doesn’t taste that bad.  It’s something that goes on your lips, you are bound to taste it. If you have never tasted your lip scrub/gloss/stick/balm then you are a liar. Anyways this one isn’t greasy which sometimes can happen to EOS if you use them so much. Also when you leave them in the car and they melt a little.  This one I haven’t made into a point which I think has helped it keep it’s conditioning smooth. I found this one at Ulta and wish I would have bought more of them since they are my favorite flavor of the sphere.

What’s your favorite lip balm?

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