Clinique’s Foaming Sonic Facial Soap


This is a product I’ve been using for a while. I actually have been buying sets of this and a face lotion in bulk for my wife. I got her into skin care recently and so far this one is her favorite that I’ve purchased. When I randomly found this sample going through stuff  I realized I haven’t actually reviewed it.

This is a foaming face wash if you couldn’t have guessed that from the name. It’s a light formula that works well if you wet your face, apply a  little of the product, then massage it in. When it says foam it’s means foam. Literally, this stuff foams up perfectly. Once you wash it off it does leave your face feeling clean. I say that cause some facial soaps will leave your face feeling gross, clogged up, and heavy.  This one is lovely and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

If you need a simple face wash this one is perfect and isn’t extremely costly.  If you are interested in purchasing I’ve included the link to the product on  Sephora.

Buy Clinique’s Foaming Sonic Facial Soap

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