Dear Katie Brown In The Sand

I came across Dear Katie Brown on Instagram from one of the fellow beauty-obsessed chicks that I follow. So, of course, I looked into it and only found good things about it. Plus it’s this gorgeously stunning glitter.


The set I ordered was In the Sand which is an array of golden shades and a rogue silver.


This order came with this fancy eyeshadow tin to keep them in. It’s the 1st one I’ve ever had so I was pretty excited about it. Now I’m determined to fill it. Right now I’m slacking on that.


I did  2 pictures for these glitter swatches so  you can  really see the  shine these pack

I’m going to try to break down these shades. Please realize these descriptions are how I see them so they could be off from what they really are. Seriously though these glitters are so perfectly mixed that it’s hard to really tell what is all in them.

Jill– This one appears like a yellow tone with chunks of yellow and gold glitter with silver and gold fine glitter.

Danita– Super fine silver glitter with chunks of rose gold glitter.

Jessica- super fine gold glitter with chunks of holographic silver glitter.

Ashley– gold and silver holographic- all fine glitter.

Katie- goldish silver fine glitter.

Angela- Brown and purple fine glitter with hints of silver and chunks of holographic gold glitter.

Sadly this set is no longer sold. At least that I can find.  However, you can buy the shades separately. This brand is definitely I would recommend if you love glitter. This stuff is pretty amazing. I will be investing in more of it, you know since I got a palette to fill.

Check out, Dear Katie Brown!

2 thoughts on “Dear Katie Brown In The Sand

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