November Ipsy Glam Bag


This month’s theme is All You, which is basically products inspired by reflecting on what  is most important, You. They wanted to pick 5 products that they were inspired by. I will go ahead an tell you this bag was perfect for the theme.


They had 2 bags this month. The one I got and a yellow/orange one. I’m super excited I got this one cause I really don’t like the color orange. This is a nice simple design and it’s actually a good size bag.


Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Feisty. I love Tarte so when I saw this was in the bag I’m was super excited. I have this one in  Paaarty, which is almost the same color just pinker.


I really love this blush I have used my other one to death and you can see the tin it’s in. This one is a lighter tan color with a  hint of pink. It’s a  great shade, especially for my skin tones. It’s just dark enough to be an effect without being so dark that it looks ridiculous. Tarte never does me wrong. This one is a great blush to have with you.


Bridgewater Candle Company Sweet Grace Hand Cream. This is the 1st time I’ve heard of this brand. I really love hand cream, actually lotion, in general, I’m pretty obsessed. So I was excited about it, cause I can’t remember the last time I got hand cream in a bag. This one is ok. It’s just the right amount of thickness. I hate lotions that are watered down. It does leave your skin feeling soft. I don’t care for the smell that’s really the only issue.


Crown C141 Small Chisel Brush. I love getting brushes. I have such a  hard time buying brushes cause I feel like I can’t find the perfect one to save my life. I have only good brushes from Ipsy. This one is a perfect highlighter brush. Seriously I hate fan brush they don’t work like everyone thinks. Plus this one I really like the finger placement grips


Another perk is the brush part of it. I like soft but hard brushes, this one is that happy medium. One where it’s not so soft it’s terrible and won’t hold product, but just hard enough to be effective. This one is great.


Colour Pop Pressed Shadow in Paper Tiger. This is the 2nd chance I’ve gotten to tried  Colour Pop the last one was a lippie in a previous Ipsy bag. I was not a  fan of it at all.  So I was kinda put off cause of that and the fact that this looked orange in the preview I got of it. This one is actually quite nice.


It’s this weird yellow color that is a lovely surprise.  It’s not super bright but it’s like a dark deep yellow and I kinda dig it. I may have to give Colour Pop more of a try.


Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit. I have tired a couple Lime Crime Unicorn Lipsticks that my bestie got me. They are nice and they do last a while. This one though is one that I’ve wanted to try but never got around to. I’m not big on the brand as everyone else is, but I’ve not really tired a bunch of it. However, this is Diamond Crushed and it sparked my attention. Plus It’s pink and shining I was super stoked about it.


This is an almost nude shade of sparkle. It works perfectly over any lipstick I’ve tried it with. Which I need to try it with my actually Lime Crime lipstick. I really love this one.


I was really pleased with this month’s bag. Ipsy has been on a roll here recently after being terrible for months. I’m glad cause I was literally close to canceling it. I’m so happy I did cause I got some excellent products in this one that I really wanted to try.  I will tell you have done the reviews on  Ipsy site does help what you get in your bag.

What did you all get? Anything good?

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