YSL ‘s Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain

Here is my product of the week. I got this one as a sample in my last Sephora order. I picked it on a whim really.


This one was a simple sample pack of 6 colors and an applicator. I decided it would be easier to break them down into the sets of  3 of each side below.


From left to right.

N 7 Corail Aquarelle – light pink nude

N 9 Rouge Laque – Darker red tinted Nude

N 12 Corail Acrylic – Pink nude a shade darker than the N 7


As you can see the color works pretty well with my skin tone. I really love the darker shade, but the 2 nudes are lovely.


I have listed these from left to right as well

N 47 Carmin Tag- pinkish red

N 48 Orange Graffiti – neon orange with a hint of pink

N 51 Magenta Amplifier – Dark Red with a slight hint of pink


These are the darker shades which I love, except the orange. I’m just not a  fan of orange.

This stuff is amazing. It goes on pretty well and lasts for hours. It doesn’t leave your lips sticky, but it also doesn’t leave them dried out. Plus the color is gorgeous.


I wore the N 51 on Thanksgiving and it lasts me until after dinner before it started to fade. I’m pretty impressed with this stuff and I’m gonna have to invest in a full size of it.

Buy YSL Glossy Stain Lip Color

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